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Moderation policy

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:44 pm

Quite simply, please show respect and civility when using this forum.

Flaming, attacks, and especially real-life threats have no place here. Polite disagreement is fine, and respectful argument is needed for many discussions. But if the admins think that a statement is stronger than that, then there will be warnings, editing and possibly bans. In other words, if you think that there's a chance in hell that anyone else would consider a word or phrase defamatory, or think that it has any emotional charge in it, or if you even THINK that someone might feel harassed by it, please CHANGE YOUR WORDS!

Excessive bad language is also discouraged.

And, of course, no one should be deleting other people's posts. If posts or threads are no longer needed, please archive them into the Archive (basket of the forum).


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